Thursday 12th January 2017


Overcast start here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  This may increase later in the day. All rivers are fishable. 

A few browns looks to be in the Tongariro at present. Might pay to put on your walking feet and get a good pair of polarized sunglasses and go and see what you can see. 

The picture below is thanks to Lars who spotted this brown in the Tongariro and fished to it.  He hooked it on his third drift.   Over the years I have talked to anglers in the shop who don't fish the Tongariro as they like "sight fishing" and it "isn't a sight fishing river", however anglers like Lars enjoy "sight fishing" the Tongariro and sight fish to some good browns over the summer.

A few "subway" fish (ones that are about 6 inches long) have appeared in the Tongariro. These are mostly rainbows. There should be more appear over the next few months.  They usually proliferate in the river until about April.  They make the most of the summer by feeding on the insect life .... the bonus of this is the browns like to feed on them ;-)

Still appears to be mostly jiggers out on Lake Taupo doing the business. Try ginger mick gold body, ginger mick silver body, grey ghost silver body, silicon smelt or yellow parson's glory, jack sprat. Fish still getting reported caught with green beetle in them.

(Below) Lars with a Tongariro Brown trout caught the other day.

lars brown tongariro jan 2017.JPG

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