Friday 12th January 2018


Fine and humid with high cloud. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Still seems to be plenty of anglers jigging out on Lake Taupo.  Most anglers tend to be taking out grey ghost, ginger mick and green orbit flies. Some anglers are killing them on a green bodied silicon smelt that we have got. 

Trollers have been doing well on just a straight silver cobra, silver cobra with green head, green flash toby, traffic light and spotty gold. Anglers have been reporting quite a few bullies.

This year anglers are tending to report more spent fish that they have been catching in the Lake. There seems to be no shortage of them with good numbers reported. Others are catching only really good conditioned fish. 

Over the last few days I have seen a few more cicada husks and it appear a few more are hatching out. Looks like rain is forecast over the next week ....  once this is over and IF the sun comes out then more cicadas should hatch.  Even though it has been quite hot it has still been quite cool.

I received this picture and email this morning thanks to James Hudson who reported a slow day on the Lake.  I said a slow day on the Lake is better than a fast day at work !  James writes:

Caught harling in the middle of the 3 day using jelly beans in 12 ft of water. Both 9 lbs. James.


james hudson   two browns 11012018.jpg


(Below) We had this poor unfortunate angler in the shop the other day who had impaled himself with a fly.  The trouble with this is the hook went through his shirt ....  and at the back of his arm !!  Impossible to take your shirt off !! A tricky place to extract it by yourself, so he called in to get us to extract it. 


impaled arm jan 2018.jpg

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