Sunday 12 February 2017


Overcast but fine here in Turangi this morning. All rivers are fishable. The Tongariro is back to 25 cumecs today after yesterdays recreational release. 

(Below) This photo was sent in yesterday thanks to Richard Kemp who caught these really nice conditioned trout fly fishing at the Tongariro River Delta. This year we have seen some stunning conditioned fish come out of Lake Taupo, so later in the year we are expecting the river anglers to be in for a treat. 

sporting life turangi richard kemp tongariro delta fish 11022017.jpg

(Below) A nicely focused shot of an aquatic riverside plant with Jens Muller-Buckland in the background holding a rainbow trout that he caught on a cicada ;-) 

sporting life turangi jens 1 muller buckland feb 2017.jpg

(Below) Jens also sent in this great shot from out in front of the Tongariro Lodge looking upstream to the S.H.1 road bridge and the mountain range of Umukarkari in the background. The Tongariro River is probably one of New Zealand's most underfished / underrated summer fisheries. There is some stunning dry fly action for the evening rise and also it is awesome with the cicada dry fly fishing. Quite a few anglers only think it is a Winter fishery but the fact is you can fish this river 365 days of the year. Now is the time to target HUGE brown trout that are moving upriver from Lake Taupo ... basically like Sea Run trout from the Northern Hemisphere. When I started in Sporting Life 17 years ago I saw virtually no one fishing the river over the summer.  I had a lot of water to myself and used to have a ball ... still do. The beauty of fishing here in the Summer is that the fish are feeding versus breeding in the Winter. The summer fishing can be dependent on the type of Spring we have and also how many floods we get over the Summer. Too many floods and a lot of the recovering rainbows get flushed out of the river. At the moment we haven't had any major floods so there is a high population of fish in the river. These floods can also dampen evening rises by rolling the rocks too much causing the insect life like caddis and mayflies to take a battering ... but .... so far there is a ton of insect life, a heap of fish and now a heap of cicadas. 

sporting life turangi jens 2 muller buckland feb 2017.jpg


sporting life turangi jens 3 muller buckland feb 2017.jpg

(Below) The March of the Cicadas !! They crawl up the nearest thing to hatch out of their casings. I saw one the other day where a cicada had hatched, then another one climbed onto the case of the hatched one and then itself hatched.  I would really like to see how fast they crawl up these trees. 

sporting life turangi jens 4 muller buckland feb 2017.jpg

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