Monday 12th February 2018


Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today. Quite humid.  No wind as of 8:30am.  The Tongariro is dirty and unfishable flowing at about 230 cumecs as of 8:30am.

It rained pretty steady most of the evening last night. As a consequence the river is back up again. Not too sure of what the changes will be after this flood but I guess the only way to find out is to go and look. 

Might be more ideal conditions for the wetliners over the next few days as the water levels drop and the river clears the remainder of colour.  Might pay to give the old glo bug a burn on the nymph while the water may have some colour to it.


yet another 1 flood 12022018.jpg

(Above) You wouldn't believe it ... but we have blue sky in Turangi this morning. The river came up overnight and flooded.  The river is flowing at about 230 cumecs here.

(Below) The water is a grey colour.  If there is no more rain ... then the river may be if you are lucky ... fishable this afternoon !

The last month has seen the river up and down like a yo-yo ! 

yet another 2 flood 12022018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge.  More water seems to be making its way down the channel under the cliff.

yet another 3 flood 12022018.jpg





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