Action on the O


The Tongariro was looking outstanding on my walk to work this morning, I had instant fishing envy seeing a couple of anglers rigging up at the back of their truck, shooting heads locked in and Woolly Buggers ready to fire. Some light drizzle and overcast with an eerie mist this morning, if you are around, get on the river and get into it.

All rivers in the region again are very fishable and personally I have been having the most success swinging streamers and getting a lot of takes on a fast retrieve. But however you bring them in, make sure you're having fun with your fishing.


We had a group of Aussie lads on a boys fishing trip in town over the last couple of weeks and it was great to see some action on Lake O for the boys and Warren sent in this email attached below with a couple of photos from their trip.


See you on the river.






"Hi there Graham and staff,
Warren Hales here and on behalf of the other 4 lads from the 'West Island' that recently spent two weeks in Turangi I thought I'd drop a  quick note to say thanks to you and all your staff for the advice you gave us. Being put onto the most suitable spots for a couple of fly slappers to annoy the fish in the rivers was great and the fly selection was spot on.

I've enclosed a couple of photos of fish from the Lake O. The one with the the net was a 3.245kg hen on my last morning and it certainly put up a great fight and peeled off a fair bit of line. It was great to return it to the lake with a promise to catch up next year. The other photo was another Lake O fish that joined the rest of the males that we caught in the first week.

Thanks again and catch up in 2017 Warren"




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