Thursday 12th May 2016


Overcast with light rain falling.  A slight breeze in town as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable this morning. No report on the smaller rivers as of 9:00am.

A bit of an update for you. Mt Ruapehu is having a few rumblings. Keep an eye on the following website for more information.

Geonet - Mt Ruapehu 


We had local angler Graham Hamilton call in to see us on Tuesday to show us a good solid rainbow that he caught out in Lake Taupo. He said the flesh was nice and orange when he filleted it. Boaties should have made good use of the unbelievable weather that we have had over the last week or two .... more to take advantage of the lack of wind than anything else !

We have still had a few anglers fishing the mouths who have commented on still catching some smaller more skinnier fish but in amongst those are starting to show some really nice ones as well.

The weather looks to be on the turn now with more rain forecast over the next week or so and the barometer is falling.  This should really start to move some fish into the local rivers. 

Reports indicate a few fish up the Tauranga-Taupo river with one angler catching a few on dry flies towards the end of last week. Fish are also reported as very spooky and present a challenge to the angler ;-)



(Above) Local angler Graham Hamilton with a nice conditioned Lake Taupo rainbow trout.


I received this email and photos yesterday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu of River Birches.  Jason writes:

Sporting Life,

It is good to see the rain coming on. Here is a rainbow I caught and released while wet lining the Tongariro this morning. The dark or olive woolly bugger did the trick. It was a fresh fish however I released it because it was not a prime fish. Here is another one that I got yesterday also on a woolly bugger. That one is for the smoker.
Thanks again for putting me onto the fish.


Jason Bleibtreu


(Above) A nice long rainbow caught by Jason but a bit on the skinny side.

(Below) The nice keeper for the smoker.  Notice how fat it is.




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