Friday 12th May 2017


Overcast and raining but this rain appears to be easing.  As of 8:30am the Tongariro is unfishable and flowing at about 230 cumecs down from a flood of 477 cumecs peaking overnight. 

If the rain eases today then it could be worthwhile giving the sinking lines a burn tomorrow and Sunday. The weather forecast for Sunday appears to be bright sunshine.

This flood will entice some fantastic fish to run upriver over the next week.  Might pay to pull a sickie for the week ;-)


tongariro flood 1 cyclone donna 12052017.jpg

(Above) 8:00am The Tongariro flowing at about 230 cumecs.

(Below) The water level as at 8:00am ....  8:40am Andrew walked in the door saying he had been down to the river and the river looks to have come up about another foot .... possibly due to more heavy rain that was falling around 4:30-6:00am this morning.

tongariro flood 2 cyclone donna 12052017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge at 8:00am.

tongariro flood 3 cyclone donna 12052017.jpg


rainbow 1 jared 09052017.jpg

(Above & Below) I managed to get out for a flick on Tuesday on the Tongariro River. I ended up doing quite well with some good sized fish landed.  The fish above took the glo bug. 

(Below) Think this one took the hare and copper. Quite a long fish it was.

rainbow 2 jared 09052017.jpg


rainbow 3 jared 09052017.jpg

(Above & Below)  I enen gave the wetline a burn and hooked this one on a lime bodied green orbit. 

rainbow 4 jared 09052017.jpg


rainbow 5 jared 09052017.jpg

(Above) A nice solid rainbow Jack. Most fish took the nymph. Mid afternoon I saw a hatch of small Mayflies.

(Below) This rainbow had quite a big tail on it.

rainbow 6 jared 09052017.jpg


rainbow 7 jared 09052017.jpg

(Above & Below) Another couple of rainbows.  I also lost another couple of what appeared to be rather large fish.

rainbow 8 jared 09052017.jpg


rainbow 9 jared 09052017.jpg

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