Thursday 12th July 2018


Fine and sunny start to the morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at about 34 cumecs.  Ideal for both wetlining and nymphing. Some good reports yesterday with quite a few anglers taking out red and orange rabbits.  Also try a traditional Red Setter on the wetline. Not so many reports from the nymphers but in the slightly higher flows this is ideal for the wetline. 

Some good reports today of some fresher fish yesterday. Some nice silver fish reported but most reported on the smaller side, however reports that the bigger, brighter silver ones " got off !!! ".


major jones pool 1 things to do in turangi 12072018.jpg

(Above) A couple of anglers fishing in the Major Jones Pool at about 1:00pm today.  The water is nice and clear. 

A couple more anglers were fishing upstream in the Breakfast Pool.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Major Jones pool. I couldn't see any anglers further down here towards the Island Pool. 

major jones pool 2 things to do in turangi 12072018.jpg

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