Wednesday 12th August 2015


Another nice sunny day today but with a lot less wind which is a bonus for the fly fisherman. A few anglers have made a few grumbles about the cold ..... roll on summer fishing !!!

The rivers are back to clear again with some anglers finding the fishing has tapered off a bit when this happens .... others change tactics and continue to do well. 

Still appears to be a majority moving on the glo bugs for the nymphers.

Other anglers have been reporting quite a lot of anglers in places and finding it a bit difficult to find a spot to fish. With this congestion some have noted a lack of "Etiquette". These days anglers appear to be "everyone for themselves". One of the main gripes is anglers just jumping into a pool ahead or below other anglers without "ASKING" those already in the pool if it is ok to do so, sometimes anglers playing the "oh I thought you were so far away that it didn't matter" card.


(Below) By hook or by crook .... this one (oops these two are for) Rooks !

Les Phelan (aka the Taranaki Terror) and two beauties that he managed to secure.

Also Les says "hello daughter".






(Above & Below) UFO? Unidentified Foggy Object ? or Lenticular cloud over Turangi yesterday evening.

Reminds me of a giant marshmallow. Whilst fishing take a look around with your eyes and you might see some other fantastic works of nature.


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