Friday 8th August 2016


Fine and sunny with a nice blue sky.  Frosty start to the day. No wind at the start of the day.  All rivers are fishable. 

Plenty of anglers out and about now that we have some good weather and a few nice fish are now being snagged. Should get better as we head towards September (weather and flood dependent).  The days are getting noticeably longer now and I have noticed the Cherry trees are just starting to bud up.  19th August was when I first noticed their flowers last year.  We are heading towards daylight savings which is towards the end of September .... and a month or so after that is the evening rise. Roll on Summer ... so far the Winter has been quite mild, however we can get some shocking weather in the Spring. 

We received this email and photos the other day thanks to David Molnar.  David writes:

Hey guys,

A few fishy photos from last week (30 July – 6 Aug). Good to see some fish in the river again (finally!). It was some pretty wet and cold weather, can’t complain though as most of the week we had the middle and upper river more or less to ourselves. Unfortunately the lower river was a bit of a zoo, with one day easily counting 10 vehicles in the Braids carpark off Grace Rd. Managed to find a new un-named pool which held good numbers of fresh fish every day. Pulled 9 out in the space of about 90 mins one evening, with at least another 9 spitting the hook. Finally managed to catch my first Tongariro brown (4.5lbs) as well. Was pretty happy as I had lost two already earlier in the week. Most fish were in the 2.5 – 3.5lb range, the majority of which took egg patterns (including the browns).

Thanks to Peter as well for all the chats on fly tying, and the new Magnums.










david3molnaraugust 2016.jpg



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