Sunday 12th August 2018


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. No wind. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

What a day it was yesterday for the Sporting Life Winter Fly Fest. We had over 200 registrations. Some couldn't make it but plenty of others did. The comment from most was that it was a great day. It was a day for anglers to pick up some hints and tips, to check out some of the recently released Simms fishing products and also test run some fly rods from Scott and Sage and also to try some fly lines from Airfo and Rio. 

The day started of with a casting demonstration down on the Tongariro River at the Breakfast Pool ( pictured below) with Rene Vaz from Manic Tackle and Kyle Adams from Hunting and Fishing Taranaki . A least we got a nice sunny day for it !!  The events over the last two years were really wet ! The day was a good day for anglers to pick up any hints and tips to help them catch more trout and make their gear perform better.

sporting life 1 winter fly fest 11082018.jpg

(Below) Cory Scott from the New Zealand Fly Fishing team giving an in store talk on everyday use and applications of competition fishing. 

sporting life 3 winter fly fest 11082018.jpg

(Below) The smoked beef brisket being prepared for the evening meal.

sporting life 2 winter fly fest 11082018.jpg

(Below) Anglers enjoying a social chat at the lunchtime BBQ.

sporting life 4 winter fly fest 11082018.jpg

(Below) Grand Central station in the shop.  The reason why I couldn't touch the website yesterday for a report !

sporting life 5 winter fest 2018.jpg

(Below) The lucky recipients of the Spot Prizes.

sporting life 7 winter fly fest 2018 prize winners.jpg

(Below) The fly tying competition held by the light of the head torch !

sporting life 6 winter fly fest 11082018.jpg

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