Monday 12th October 2015


 I feel like today is the kind of day when the sun cant decide what it wants to do. One moment its out and shining and warm the next it hides behind clouds and the wind comes. Hopefully our anglers are totally absorbed in their fishing and are not effected by the weather. As I'm writing this it seems that the wind is picking up more and more.

I haven't been at work for a few days so I haven't heard much about the fishing, to be honest I only have what a few anglers have told me this morning. And i know some anglers think "you guys always say its good fishing" but these two anglers came in and told me that in 4 hours they got 12 fish between them and they were more then happy with that outcome. So that is great!Nice for our visitors to the area to get something and enjoy there time out there.

The only fishing I got to do in the weekend was out at Kawhia on the Wharf with my kidlets. Although they didn't catch anything they got to use their rods that we bought them. (The cutest wee kids rods I have ever seen! So just had to get them, typical women. Only $49.00 for a spinning rod in awesome bright colours. Awesome present ideas for the any kids in your life). Was neat to watch they young kids bring in kahawai off the wharf, I was slightly jealous!

Here below is a picture of a young man showing off his catch from the Tongariro. Looked like a beauty of a day for him! Well done Charlie.



PS; Just a small note to all the anglers that read this, I just wanted to say thank you for all your nice comments about my reports on the fishing in the area. I struggle with what to write, esp when I haven't been in the shop in a while and haven't spoken to any anglers. But many have come in and said they have enjoyed reading the report from someone different. I just wanted to say thank you! You make it easier when you come in and have a chat with me! So thanks guys :)

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