Saturday 12th November 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling at times.  Heavy rain during the night has caused the Tongariro to come up and colour it a chocolate brown colour. As of 9:00am fishable on the edges but this may come up higher as the day progresses. It is fishable if you don't mind the colour.

Andrew reported seeing a few browns in the Tongariro the other day.  They usually start to trickle up the rivers mid November with a few more coming in December.  They could be on the hunt for baby rainbows which should be starting to feed on the rise now. Fingers crossed we don't get any big floods in the next few weeks.

Alternatives ..... have a look at Lake Kuratau, The Kuratau Spit, Kuratau River mouth, Lake Otamangakau and a couple of anglers in first thing this morning said the Hinemaiaia looked ok.

A report thanks to Rodney Dobson from the West Island of NZ commonly referred to as Australia. Rodney writes:

With the wind I did not expect a rise but it came just on dark, lasted 15 frenetic mins in which time I caught 4 well conditioned fish but lost 3 nymphs and a dry. The strikes were vicious. Tomorrow I will use an 8 lb tippet. There were only 3 of us at the bottom of MJ and didn't appear to be anyone else on the town pools unlike Thursday when there were lights all the way through. The message is don't assume the fish won't rise because on Friday the wind did not abate but the fish still came up for the dry and the pt's were just lollies.

Rodney Dobson
Short term refugee from the West Island


(Below) Andrew doing the morning report for the Sporting Life Turangi facebook page .... about to catch a fly ... or looking in need of a strong coffee ??? Must have been a rough night. Or it could be his stunt double as he is wearing a different cap. He said the Tongariro was chocolate coloured this morning from the overnight rain that both of us never heard ??



sporting life turangi facebook report 12112016.jpg 

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