Saturday 12th December 2015


Overcast conditions here in Turangi today.  The bonus is there is no wind. We had a little bit of drizzle first thing this morning. All rivers are fishable. 

Most anglers are calling in to say they have caught fish for the evening rise (depending on how windy it has been). 

Two nights ago I headed out for the evening rise with my Brother-in-Law and Niece. The wind was screaming through but I said that it may taper off right on dark.  We nymphed before hand but had no luck.  I said that sometimes this happens. After fly changes etc nothing seems to work but I think the fish are so tuned in to feeding around that time they just wait for the rise. When they did rise it is amazing to see the number of fish we did considering I nymphed the pool pretty hard !!!


(Above) Hanna winding the fish in ... she had gumboots but preferred bare feet !


(Above & Below)  Hanna holding typical rainbows that you will most likely catch on the dryfly for the evening rise.

The rise is great for the kids as it is quite easy to catch the fish and the bonus is that they can see the fish splashing on the surface. The fish fight pretty good too !


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