Friday 13th January 2017


Overcast with some blue sunny sky this morning. There was some good heavy rain overnight which will make the grass grow. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at 30 cumecs this morning. No wind as of 8:45am.

We had local angler Graham Hamilton call into the shop yesterday with some great conditioned fish that he caught jigging out on Lake Taupo. The fish in the middle had a really nice orange colour to the flesh.  One was chokka full of smelt. When I went to take a photo I saw a couple of smelt sloshing around in the bottom of the fish bin. Anglers have reported plenty of smelt this year.


graham hamilton jigging lake taupo 12012017.jpg

(Below) A close up photo of one of the smelt I recovered. Smelt have been reported this year so far as very small to very big ... basically a good range.  Smelt can also appear in different colours ... sometime with a yellow belly, sometimes an orangy colour, sometimes with a bluish tinge, sometimes a pearly white colour, sometimes a pinky colour, sometimes with a reddish tinge. I think it is possibly to do with what they have been eating at the time and also the age that they may be at. Hence the "traditional" smelt flies like the Grey Ghost, Yellow Parsons Glory, Taupo Tiger Red.

Anglers often look to smelt as the ONLY food source for trout.  Anlgers can generally perceive that trout exist and have their life cycle but when it comes to smelt ... they have to be there all the time and they always have to be a good size, they always have to be in abundance ... but they forget that like trout these are a fish that are also effected by climatic conditions / weather conditions to produce.

Put it this way .. if you grow tomatoes do you get the same consistent tomatoes year after year ??? Very unlikely ... one year a frost wipes them out ... another year  dry conditions wilt them, another year you get a bumper crop .... how come anglers cannot perceive this to happen to the likes of smelt and trout ???  Expectations are that you should always get a consistent SIZE and CONDITION and NUMBER every single year.  These days I have no expectations and just run with what we get dealt with each year.

Instead of understanding your EXPECTATIONS .... try more to understand FLUCTUATIONS

smelt in taupo 12012016.jpg

(Below) Two of the smelt I recovered from the fish bin with a "traditional silicon smelt fly" as a comparison.  The silicon smelts are pretty effective. 

smelt and silicon smelt lake taupo 12012016.jpg

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