Saturday 13th January 2018


Overcast but fine with the sun trying to come out. Warm and humid. A very slight breeze as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Rain and possibly thunderstorms are forecast for later today.  Fingers crossed the river doesn't come up and flood again. 

I went for a look down to the river yesterday evening after work and there were plenty of cicadas chirping.  We really don't want too many more floods over the next week or three .... really need to keep the fish in the river to take advantage of the cicadas.

It usually takes a week or two for the fish to get used to locking onto and feeding on them.  Usually the best time for cicada fishing here is February.  Sometimes you may only get a two week window to catch fish on the cicada as we may get a cold snap that usually shuts them down. The best year I had was fish rose about mid January to the cicada and I caught my last fish on one at the end of the first week of April. 

Appears to be a few juvenile rainbows getting caught.  This is normally the time of the year they can appear and will usually last through February and March. The flood the other day will have most likely blown them out of the tributaries and into the main river.  They will hang around and feed up on the nymph life.  They are kind of a pest as they will readily take a fly before the big fish that you may be targeting. However as much as a pest they may be .... the browns love feeding on them !


fly fishing new zealand 1 tongariro river turangi 12012018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the cable below the Major Jones pool just after 7:00pm yesterday evening. 

(Below) Looking downstream to the Island Pool. 

fly fishing new zealand 2 tongariro river turangi 12012018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Breakfast Pool from the Major Jones Pool.

fly fishing new zealand 3 tongariro river turangi 12012018.jpg

(Below) A few anglers fishing the Hydro Pool yesterday evening ... turned out to be a gaggle of rafting guides who met up to have a social fish.

fly fishing new zealand 4 tongariro river turangi 12012018.jpg

(Below) Wanganui Wayne nymphing the Major Jones Pool. He and another angler I spoke to had said the evening rise had been quite quiet since the flood.

fly fishing new zealand 5 tongariro river turangi 12012018.jpg

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