Monday 13th February 2017


Overcast with a moderate SW / W wind blowing. Not much rain as of 8:30am. The Tongariro is fishable this morning. 

Best get out on the river to see if you can catch one of those huge brown trout that I was telling you about yesterday.  I received this email and photo thanks to Andrew Christmas. Andrew writes:

Hi guys

Here is fine example of our brown trout fishery - great condition and thick across the back. Caught and released by English client Barry Hawyes


Andrew Christmas


andrew christmas huge tongariro river brown trout feb 2017.jpg

(Below) I also had a group of young fellows in the shop yesterday who asked if I could weigh this really nice conditioned rainbow trout. It was caught jigging in Lake Taupo. Just a magnificent silver colour and fat .... it weighed 5.5lbs. 

jigging lake taupo fat rainbow trout 12022017.jpg

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