Tuesday 13th February 2018


Overcast, hot and VERY humid. Light drizzly rain falling at times.  No wind as of 8:30am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at about 45 cumecs and a light greeny colour. Awesome for the wetline !! 

The river has dropped nicely overnight to a very fishable level.  It is currently ideal to wetline and is perfect for nymphing. I would say give the glo bug a burn on the nymph as there is still a touch of colour to the river in the deeper parts. 

humid 1 sticky weather 13022018.jpg

(Above) A very nice fishable Tongariro River as of 8:30am this morning. 

(Below) Hard to see but one angler in the centre of the picture fishing this morning. There was a mist hanging above the water this morning. Boy was it humid overnight.  It felt like I was sleeping in a Sauna !! well .... not really sleeping but trying to !

humid 2 sticky weather 13022018.jpg

(Below) The water is basically clear today with a nice greeny colour to the deeper parts.

humid 3 sticky weather 13022018.jpg


jens 1 day after flood 12022018.jpg

(Above & Below) These photos are thanks to my one eyed roving reporter Jens Muller-Buckland. This was the Tongariro River at 3:00pm yesterday afternoon. Still fairly high here and still quite a bit of colour.  

The thing is, I would have fished this myself, especially with the wetline.  For some unknown reason ( most likely lack of even trying to catch fish in this colour ) most anglers wont try fishing in it.  The funny thing is the ones we have convinced to give it a go have generally caught fish ?? If you have come from thousands of miles away and basically have nothing else to do then it is worth having a go.

jens 2 day after flood 12022018.jpg

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