Sunday 13th March 2016


The day is fine and sunny and the wind is light and all of the rivers are low and clear and fishable. 

Sorry for the delay in reports over the last few days but I have been flat out in the shop and haven't had much time to get to the computer!

I received these photos and email (below) this morning thanks to Ant Gibbons who called into the shop yesterday.  Looks like he came up trumps.  Quite a few other anglers I have spoken to have been struggling but others are still catching fish :-)

Also most reports from the mouths tend to indicate some really skinny fish in poor condition.  This may be a reflection on the coming year.  My pick is we will get some nice fat plump maiden fish just over the legal size run the rivers followed by the more older mature fish that are good in length but will tend to be a lot lighter or slimmer in profile.  Most of the browns I have seen this year tend to be on the lean looking side too. Most reports from what we had from the boaties over the Christmas New Year break tended to indicate that about 1 in 10 fish were keepers.  

I'm picking that due to the last three summers 2015, 2014, and 2013 being nice, hot and dry drought summers, I noticed over these years lots and lots of fry in the edges of the rivers and once again I think the fishery has produced a lot of fish, hence more competition for food.  Also the spring last year was consistently gusty wind for a couple of months which I believe never allowed the lake to warm up. As I have said in previous years it takes 2-3 years for something to show up and the results of this year will have been dictated over the last three years to culminate in this point. 

I would really like to see the bag limit go from 3 to 8 fish again and also more anglers start to keep more of their fish.


Ant writes:

You told me to email you if I had some luck Jared.

Looks like the Browns are sneaking up a river close to Turangi presently. This nine pounder secured late Saturday afternoon on the wet line. Using one of the three flies you recommended earlier in the day. Thank you.


Ant Gibbons




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