Monday 13th March 2017


Overcast with clear blue patches of sky and some sunshine poking through. No wind as of 10:30am.  The flow on the Tongariro has dropped right back to a fishable level of about 65 cumecs as of 10:30am.  Should be great with a wetline and nymph this afternoon. The water is at a highly fishable level at 65 cumecs. Get out the wetline and swing some flies or fish the edges with some nymphs.  The fish should gorge themselves on Caddis or Mayfly nymphs as the water begins to clear ... don't wait until it is too clear though.

(Below) Check out this beast !!  This huge brown trout was caught a few days ago in the Tongariro River by Aidan. The scales bottomed out at 14lb  so possibly this would have been much heavier than 14lbs. Notice the colour of the water? Most anglers would have got to the river, looked at it and gone ... "too high and dirty to fish" and gone home. Some seek opportunities ... others put up barriers to go fishing. 

huge tongariro river brown trout march 2017.jpg


antony 1 brown trout march 2017.jpg

(Above & Below) I received these photos and email thanks to Antony. Antony writes:

Hey Jared,

Just thought I'd flick through a couple of images of a couple of the better fish I secured on Friday for those that follow your blog not the FB page.

Spent Friday morning prospecting the tongariro for those big Browns that we hear about. Managed to secure a few rainbows, not what I was targeting....finally managed a 8lb brown hen just before lunchtime on the nymph in one of the town pools.

Went and wetlined a well known river mouth mid afternoon and hooked a beautiful 8.5lb Jack. Talk about an awesome day out fishing

Attached is a few images including the fillets from the hen. As you can see she's in great shape.

Decided to release the jack and he swam away happy as, even after having my scale in his chin. Not the correct way to handle a fish I know. 

However on reflection I thought I'd put him back to test the next angler.


antony 2 brown trout march 2017.jpg

(Below) Nicely trimmed fillets done by Antony. Appears he may have had a very sharp filleting knife.

antony 3 brown trout march 2017.jpg

(Below) The following photo and email is thanks Jason from River Birches. Jason writes:

Sporting Life,

There are some nice fish out there. Here is a note from our guest David Messerlie of the US:

"What a way to end a few days of NZ fishing."

river birches march 2017.jpg


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