Tuesday 13th March 2018


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning. A gusty S to SE wind is blowing as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at 32 cumecs and is fishable today. 

I decided to have a look over at the Whareroa Stream mouth yesterday with my Swedish mate Kjell.  To have a change of scenery it was nice to drive over there for the afternoon. It is about a 75km round trip to get there from Turangi. 

When we arrived there was nobody there .... bonus !!  There was a good rip flowing out into the Lake. The lake was nice and flat and calm as well. Not long after arriving and starting to fish we saw a fish just in front of us make a splash.  Not long after Kjell hooked up with a nice rainbow.

fly fishing lake taupo 11 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Above) The black, yellow and white marker pole at the mouth of the Whareroa Stream mouth.  This is a visual reference for boaties to alert them that there is a stream mouth close by and that if you are boat fishing you are now required to stay 200m away from the mouth instead of the 300m radius that it used to be.

(Below) Kjell hooked up on his first fish.

fly fishing lake taupo 12 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Below) This was a nice conditioned rainbow that Kjell landed.

fly fishing lake taupo 13 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Below) The same fish as above.

fly fishing lake taupo 14 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg


Pretty soon after he landed that one he hooked up again !!  He said to me " 2 nil " ..... I said " You can't really call it 2 nil ".  He said "What do you mean??"  I said " Look at that fish, I would call it 1 nil ... it's pretty skinny ".  He said "Oh maybe you are right ... maybe we call it 1.5 nil then? "   I said "Ok I'll accept that then !" 

(Below) The "skinny" fish landed by Kjell. Oh My God it was skinny !!

fly fishing lake taupo 15 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg


Eeew it was all bone ... I released the fish and it felt all hard ... poor thing.  Generally they should feed up and put on condition again. Over the last few weeks anglers have reported about a 50/50 catch rate of skinny fish to good fish at the mouths. Some anglers are almost in a state of panic at the turning up of spent fish.  No need to panic ... they are part of the fishery, always have been, always will be ( referred to in the past as Kelts, Recovering Fish, Mending Fish, Spent fish or Slabs).  Some years you see more than others.  This year has seen higher water flows over the Summer in the rivers, a big lack of sunshine over Lake Taupo and plenty of floods to knock the spent fish out of the rivers. The interesting thing is gardeners never seem to get the same results out of their gardens each year ... growing tomatoes for example can be fickle but then a cold snap can wipe them out or there are more bugs that attack them this year than last year for example ... as gardeners they accept that each year can be different but it seems that when it come to Anglers in this fishery they want every fish to be exactly the same size and condition every year ???  Ultimately we are at the mercy of the weather and this is such a big system that you just have to take what comes. 


fly fishing lake taupo 16 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Above) Kjell deep in concentration.

fly fishing lake taupo 18 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Above) The fish I landed on a White Booby.

(Below) It was a good sized rainbow as well.

fly fishing lake taupo 17 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Below) I released this fish. 

There were some really big fish jumping about a meter to 1.5m out of the water.  They were launching themselves.  I was wondering if the fish were spotting insects on the surface and speeding up to get them. Some of those fish were really big.

fly fishing lake taupo 19 whareroa stream mouth 12032018.jpg

(Below) The Whareroa Boat ramp. Don't forget that you need a boat launching permit to use these.  These permits can be purchased online at 


fly fishing lake taupo 1 whareroa boat ramp 12032018.jpg



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