The Social Side of Fly Fishing


We had a bit of rain last night and looks to be continuing through today but at this stage only very lightly. The Tongariro again looks very fun to fish but I couldn't spot any anglers on my walk to work this morning. Chatting with a few lads from Florida over a beer or 2 last night, it sounded like the faster, shallow waters had been productive on several rivers, so might be worth a crack exploring if you're getting your game plan ready this morning. There are fish in the river's, there is plenty in fact, its up to you to unlock the code to get them interested in what you are serving up. It is super rewarding once you do.


On a more social note on fly fishing, myself and another local angler are looking at putting an evening together for fly fishers in Turangi to come meet up, have a drink and a meal (optional), with the idea to put together a social club to meet once a month with the express purpose of fostering friendship amongst local fly-fishers in Turangi and the surrounding areas. It is an opportunity for fly-fishers to share info, experiences, catches, techniques and above all else -- to enjoy themselves in the company of other fly fishes. We are Looking at holding this on the 4th of May and to see if anyone is interested in this happening. All welcome and if you would like to be involved please email me at


I had friend and fishing guide Billy Thrupp stay with me the other night, I was able to get a few shots of him at play below, it was awesome to watch him work/play and to see the thought that went into his fishing. Fly selection, weight, leader length, where the cast was going to be made. Game plan.







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