Friday 13th May 2016


The website was down first thing this morning. Wonder if it had anything to do with Friday the 13th?  The Tongariro is fishable this morning.  Overcast, not much rain, mostly passing showers, possibly getting heavier towards the afternoon. Gusting wind at times.

The Boss reported a few of the smaller rivers North of Turangi got some colour to them yesterday. Not too sure of the state of them today. 

The weather turned out nice and sunny yesterday and once again we look to have escaped the worst of the weather here in Turangi.

I received this email this morning thanks to Jason of River Birches.  Jason writes:

Dear Sporting Life,

The rain seems to have helped the fishing. I caught this rainbow hen on my 2nd cast while wet lining with a dark olive woolly bugger in the tongariro late Thursday afternoon. I will be on the river Friday as well as this weekend.


Jason Bleibtreu


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