Monday 12th June 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. A slight to moderate cool SW breeze, increasing. The Tongariro is fishable this morning. We had a good bit of rain late last night and the weather was quite wild as the front moved through but I woke this morning to find a nice sunny day !!

I managed to head further a field for a fish yesterday.  My neighbour convinced me to have a look at the Hinemaiaia River. Off we went.  Got to the river to find heaps of cars and anglers.  This usually puts me off but there are so many pools and tracks in this river that everyone seemed to just mosey on and find a spot and ended up being quite good. 

I got to a pool.  Set up my line ..... first cast and first drift caught this nice plump rainbow jack in the picture below decked out in full spawning colours! My neighbour was just above me and had only just got his line in the water and then had to wind it up to check out the commotion.


(Above & Below) This was a nicely coloured up plump jack.




(Above & Below) I landed a couple of other fish as well.  the fish below had a big chunk taken out of its gill plate which really looked saw but the fish seemed to be ok apart from that. 


(Below) A good log jam on the Hinemaiaia River. There were some nice pools and runs on the river and it was a nice day wandering around checking it out. The water was quite hard to see into as it had dark tannin colour to it.  I would really like to head up there when the water is really clear to hopefully see a few more fish in there. I was Dutch nymphing and it seemed to be working well. I only managed to lose 3 flies for the day ;-)




(Above & Below) I also landed this really nice looking jack.  He was also displaying some magnificent spawning colours.  Even his fins were a pinky red colour. 


(Below) Look at the colour of this rainbow jack.


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