Thursday, 13th July 2017


Heavy rain falling as of 9:00am. Looking very dark and overcast. I would say a good amount of snow will be falling on the hills surrounding Turangi. The river is fishable and should remain so.  Over the years when there is snow falling it is frozen water and doesn't really rise the river levels too much. So, if you can handle the cold then fish away.

9:00am The Boss reports some cars at the Tauranga-Taupo River and all rivers north of there are fishable.

The Waitahanui Rip looks to be swinging to the north along the beach again now that the lake level has dropped over the last month or so. 

Quite a few roads around Turangi are closed so check out the road information if you are heading this way.

If we are lucky we might actually get some snow fall on the ground in Turangi. Having been living here for practically my whole life we always seem to miss out on snow. Occasionally we get the odd flakes land on the ground which melt pretty much soon after. About 13 years ago I remember driving through the odd wind blown drifts on S.H.1 heading up to the Blue Pool.  A few brave anglers and I had a fish while it was snowing. Quite a cool experience (excuse the pun!).

I went for a wander downriver yesterday on the true left bank looking downstream.  I checked out the Swirl and then the snaggy stuff downstream from there, the place where the river splits at the Bain and then on down to the Reed. It was quite an easy walk.  The beauty of doing it in the Winter is the vegetation dies off and you can get places .... it will be different story in the Spring and Summer.


 swirl pool tongariro river 12072017.jpg

(Above) Look upstream to the old Swirl Pool area.  This has really shallowed out now.

landing 1 strip tongariro river 12072017.jpg

(Above) Erosion where anglers used to park their cars at the Landing Strip area just below the Swirl Pool.  This is looking downstream to the Bain Pool. Quite a nice looking pool is forming here.

(Below) Looking upstream from the same place.  In the distance is the tail of the "Old Bridge Pool".  I saw very few anglers out and about even though the weather was quite good up until about lunchtime yesterday.

landing 2 strip tongariro river 12072017.jpg

(Below) "The Snagyard" ... a graveyard for trees this reminds me of. There were a few pockets in here that would be worth a flick .... for the keen

snagyard tongariro river 12072017.jpg

(Below) A bit of delayed coverage from Monday. Peter Carty was out having a flick on the Tongariro and finally caught a Brown Trout ! A few browns have been caught over the last two or three weeks.

peter carty tongariro river brown 10072017.jpg

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