Friday 13th July 2018


Overcast start here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 8:45am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Some really good reports from anglers fishing the Tongariro River yesterday though some are still struggling.  Andrew saw about 7 anglers fishing the Hydro Pool yesterday when he went down in his lunch break he said that they had all hooked up at a staggered interval, CZ nymphers, wetliners, standard " Old Fashioned " nymphers. 

Spooky !!!  With a date like Friday the 13th today, funny things have been aligning themselves. We had an interesting " incident " in the shop yesterday .....

A man walked into the shop to buy a licence.  While he was standing at the counter, another man walked into the shop with a slight problem.  The problem being he had hooked a fly right into his beak !  Unknown to the man who had the fly impaled in his snoz, was the man standing at the counter who .... about 12-15 years ago ( I under estimated that to be 17 years ago ) already came into the shop with a big, massive glo bug impaled in his beak !!!!  How is that for coincidence ?????  I'll have to search the archives to find the other photo.

As cringeworthy and eye watering as it was to see this, Pete said it is a good reminder to make sure you wear sunglasses out fishing as this fly was " close to the eye ".


nosey parker 1 things to do in turangi 12072018.jpg

(Above) See how easy it is for aquatic weeds such as didymo is spread .... notice the  " nature " hanging off the fly in the picture above? You should clean your flies before moving waterways.  Who " nose " what this guy was thinking ?

(Below) I searched the archives and found the picture of the man who was buying the licence at the counter while the angler in the picture above walked into the shop.  When the angler below came into the shop, he was most pleased with his new adornment that he asked if I could print off a picture so that he could show the family !

nosey nosey parker 1 things to do in turangi 15082001.jpg


(Below) I took this picture back in 2002 .... this is why it is advisable to wear sunglasses while fly fishing.  This one was a close one ... sorry to upset your morning tea ! This was removed at the Doctor.


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