Thursday 13th August 2015


A good frost and plenty of sunshine to start the day today.  The wind picked up late morning yesterday but hopefully stays away today. It got really gusty around lunchtime but tapered of later in the evening. 

The sunshine will be the cause of the rivers clearing up, however more rain is forecast for tomorrow and hopefully will put a touch of colour in the rivers to help anglers.

I received this email on Tuesday thanks to Kris.  He caught a cracker rainbow !  Kris writes:


Hi Jared,

Another update, we were down for four days, Friday through Monday, and managed to find some fish despite the weather and large number of anglers around.  Lots of fishing being caught, mostly really nice fresh runs.  You could throw your line in any pool below the bridge and have a good chance of catching as the pods pulsed through in fairly regular waves, especially late Saturday and early Sunday.  Attached are two photos, one of the big guy with a pretty typical fish for the weekend and the other of my personal best on the Tongariro to date, a 3kg jack.





(Above) Kris and his "cracker" !! (Below) "The Big Guy" .... he should have had "The Big Fish" in the picture above ;-)


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