Tuesday 13th September 2016


Fine and sunny. No wind. All rivers are running clear and fishable.

Just some stunning days to be out and about fishing.  Appears to be plenty of fish in the rivers now. Might pay to dust off the dry fly box and keep it on standby as the Mayflies look to be hatching pretty good at times now. Nothing much for the caddis right on dark yet but this can't be too far away. Might pay to also have some "Wee Wets" on standby if you are a wetliner. 

With this insect life, the nymphing has been really good in the Tongariro. 

fly fishing tongariro river jared 1 hen 11092016.jpg

(Above) Some good sized rainbows are about in the Tongariro at the moment.  This was a hen in the picture above. 

(Below) Not long after I hooked the fish above I caught this rainbow with a big lump on the side.  The usual suspect for this is the Shag Worm.

fly fishing tongariro river jared 2 hen 11092016.jpg

(Below) See how big the lump is.

fly fishing tongariro river jared 3 hen 11092016.jpg

(Below) It was late August last year when I got a similar enquiry from an angler about the "Red Worm" he found in a trout he had caught.  On reflection over the years this is a fairly common thing.  Click on the link below from August last year which shows the life cycle of the Shag Worm.





(Above & Below) The Shag Worm. 


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