Tuesday 13th October 2015


Today's report is dedicated to Noel from the K.F.C. I decided to have a fish at the Tauranga-Taupo River yesterday. The last time I fished there was March this year. I find it quite an effort to drive 10km up the road when I have the "Mighty Tongariro" basically on my back door step. The Tauranga-Taupo is an interesting little river best described in the picture below from Admiral Hickling's "Freshwater Admiral". This is a fantastic book which was written in about 1958.  There are real gems in there like what he says below.  This book had me in hysterics in places.  The interesting thing is you would almost believe it was written today. The book still talks about pool hogs and concrete footed anglers and everything else associated with fishing ! 


I kind of get the feeling that the Admiral implied that this river wasn't worth the effort and only a "Man's Man" would fish the Tongariro !


(Above) A nice pool on the Tauranga-Taupo River.  I wanted a challenge.  I decided to wait until the Tauranga-Taupo was low and clear.  The interesting thing was there were only two other cars in the carpark and I found out both were guides .... another thing to add to the challenge ... my thoughts on this is if anglers have gone before you that you must not think that they have caught "all" of the fish and the only thing I think of is that "you must be better than those that have gone before you". 

(Below) Once you start to get up the river it opens up and isn't so snaggy. An ideal place for Children and "Octogenarians".


(Below) The track is pretty good and will take you most places on the river.  It would pay to be familiar with where you can get in and out of the river as once you are on the river and have to get out in a hurry then there is an impenetrable intertwining mass of blackberries and vines that would take you a week to get through to find the track again.


(Below) The explosion of water as a fish breaks the surface. I must have counted over 100 fish for the day with some pools holding 20 odd fish.  The funny thing is I was lucky if I caught one fish where I saw that many and then in another place about the size of a bath tub I would land two or three !  I think I landed 13 and lost about another four or five.  I forgot my camera to start with and landed three before having to go back to the car to get the camera. I saw a couple of fish rise. Some ducks flying off nearly gave me a heart attack!!  Most of the fish were recovering with a few nice silver ones in amongst them. I was "Dutch Nymphing". The fish were very spooky and if you even looked at them they would take off ! I would best describe the river as "lousy with fish".  I even saw some young fry in the shallows.


























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