Thursday 13th October 2016


Fine and sunny day here in Turangi today !!!  Boy is it good to see some blue sky!!  The rivers should be all highly fishable today. Some fantastic Spring fishing to be had by those who are wanting to get out there and do it.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from the weekend.  This was from Sunday evening.  I managed to get out for another fish with my Japanese mate Hide. Nothing basically rose but there was a good Mayfly hatch and while that was happening then the nymphing was hot !!

Hide managed to land a few and also me.  The trouble was, just as one hooked something, the other ended up helping and taking photos cutting into the catching time !!

tongariro river fishing hide 2 jared 09102016.jpg

(Above) Hide with a good sized rainbow.

(Below) A silver rainbow.

tongariro river fishing hide 1 jared 09102016.jpg

(Below) This was a nicely red coloured rainbow.  Check out how spotty it is !! This one took the bomb.

tongariro river fishing hide 4 jared 09102016.jpg

(Below) I hooked this fish and before I could say "Bloody Hell I'm down to my backing!" I was down to my backing .... this thing took off like a rocket, jumped and flipped a few times and headed off downriver .... I had to chase it about 100m down river slipping and sliding over the rocks on the edge of the water, gulping and rasping air .... I finally landed it !!!!  Phew .....

tongariro river fishing hide 3 jared 09102016.jpg

(Below) The same fish in the picture above ... a decent size ... I actually decided to weight this one ... 6lbs.

tongariro river fishing hide 5 jared 09102016.jpg

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