Thursday 14th January 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day with little wind at this stage. The wind really picked up yesterday to be quite gusty and blustery !  It would be nice if this calmed down a bit. Few cicadas heard in town but some days uite strong in pockets down by the river. 

We may have an identification on the nymph from yesterday.  From the look of it, it looked like a Mayfly nymph but then kind of looked like a cross between a dragonfly and damsel nymph due to its googly eyes.  However looking at the three pronged tail more closely resembled a Mayfly.  However we think we have it identified thanks to Dave Conley from the Department of Conservation. Check out the other amazing photos.  Dave writes:


Aha, then probably this dude, mayfly called an Oniscigaster, real common in back country rivers with good water quality. Sometimes referred to as a grey darter, active swimmer which is sometimes mistaken for a bully. Big hair and copper, nelson brown or hares ear is a good imitation.  Otherwise it could be the bush dragon, those big suckers that get up to nearly 10cm long. 


Dave Conley

Partnership Ranger Kaitiaki Manutātaki

Turangi Office | Central North Island Region

G Level 1, 69 Town Centre, Turangi 3330
E 021 165 8663 or (07) 384 7121

Department of Conservation, Te Papa Atawhai



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