Saturday 14th January 2017


Overcast with light winds here in Turangi as of 9:00am this morning. All rivers are fishable. 

Wow! What a great start to the year fishing wise. Some great fishing has been had even though the weather hasn't been that flash. We had this angler call into the shop this morning with a rather "LARGE" rainbow trout that he caught up at Lake Otamangakau today. We weighed this one on some salter scales from the shop which nearly bottomed out. I read it at 13lb.  Pete measured the fish as 30 inches (76cm) long and 17.5 inches (44 cm) in the girth. It was BIG!!!

13lb lake otamangakau rainbow 14012017.jpg

(Below) Check out that puppy !!  If you put a saddle on it you could almost ride off into the sunset with it !

13lb lake otamangakau rainbow close 14012017.jpg

(Below) My foot for comparison to the fish.

13lb lake otamangakau rainbow foot 14012017.jpg

(Below) The three of us from the shop decided to do something a little different after work yesterday.  We have been wanting to go cat fishing down at the Tokaanu Tailrace for ages. What an evening it turned out to be !!  Being Friday the 13th,  it accounted for some rather strange activity. 

First up meet down there at 6pm .... Andrew turns up then I turn up.  Andrew was supposed to get the secret bait.  He got to the supermarket and had forgot to take his wallet or any money. I was supposed to bring the hooks and sinkers .... we rang Pete to call in to get the bait .... Pete said to me "have you got the sinkers and hooks" ... "yep I replied".  Pete eventually arrived and we went to rig up but I had forgot the hooks and sinkers .... they were on the kitchen table at home. We rustled through the remaining gear we had and found some split shot and raided the odd spinning lure for a hook or two (stocks were low). We rigged up, put up our seats .... first drop I hooked up !!! The fish shot off like a rocket .... what the !!! Next thing I was fighting it and it turned out to be a trout .... next thing I could't wind it in .. it seemed stuck. We eventually worked out it had tangled with something but we couldn't free it .. we didn't want to bust it off as we were running low on sinkers and hooks.  The fish busted off but thanks to a local, he turned up with a pole and hooked the tangle ... we started to pull and LO AND BEHOLD ...... we fished up a trolling rod and reel complete with leadline !!! After sorting all that out and while I was re-rigging ... my fold up chair blew into the water !!!  Pete lay down to see if he could get it but his arms were too short.  I ended up holding onto his legs while he leaned over further ... but still no luck ... next thing $4 slips out of his pocket into the water !!!

(Below) Check out the bend on that rod! This was my first ever rod that I got when I was a kid ... perfect for catfish ... if you buy good gear it will last a lifetime !

catfish 2 capers 13012017.jpg

(Below) The man who saved the day for us and me holding the "Trophy" trolling rod !!

catfish 1 capers 13012017.jpg

About half an hour later I managed to hook up again .... this time the culprit was "The Chair".  I gently eased it up and next thing it came to the surface .... we managed to recover it.  We were targeting catfish but at this stage we hooked just about everything else except for the target species !  Andrew hooked up and the fish shot to the surface and basically landed on the back of a big black swan that was hovering in front of us.  It was a small trout that leapt out of the water.   Eventually we managed to get a catfish!!  We were wondering what else was going to happen !!!  Next thing a group of ducks swam past ... the parents and young.  I had just put my hooks in the water and one of the young ducks swam in and had a go at it and took off !!! Man what an evening !!!  We caught a few more catfish and it was getting a little cooler, so I said anyone want a hot milo? Yep  ... so I got out the cups ... little did I know that they were colour co-ordinated with our rods ... yellow, blue, and red !!!  What a night. Pete eventually left and then Andrew hooked a Koura!!! What an action packed evening !!!

So, if you lost a trolling rod down at the Tokaanu Boat Ramp, call into Sporting Life to collect it.

Species landed last night

1. Trolling rod, reel and leadline

2. Fold-up chair

3. Trout

4. Duck

5. Catfish

6. Wharf

7. Koura

(Below) The catfish we eventually did land!!!  Basically a pest species in Lake Taupo and if hooked should be removed from the water.  I kept these to put in the compost.

catfish 3 capers 14012017.jpg


catfish 4 capers 14012017.jpg

(Above & Below) Check out the whiskers on this one. Some have said they have filleted them and fried it in butter and eaten them. They said they taste alright.

catfish 5 capers 14012017.jpg 

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