Sunday 14th January 2018


Overcast, fine.  Warm and humid. No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

(Below) I received this photo yesterday thanks to local fishing guide Bill Grace ( ph 027 620 7326 ) who was out with this English lady the other day fishing on Lake Taupo. She managed to catch this nice 6-7lb rainbow while jigging. Bill said when they cut it open it looked like it had the remains of quite a large catfish inside its stomach. He said the skin was "like shriveled up and he could make out the bones of the head."

I have always wondered if trout would predate on catfish but no one can definitively give you that answer ... another definitive answer that no one can give you is actually where smelt spawn?  There are usually plenty of "OPINIONATED ANSWERS "  but no one can actually point to a DEFINITIVE answer. So if any wise anglers are out there that can point me towards any scientific study on the breeding locations and lifecycle of smelt in Lake Taupo  or radio tracking study of smelt ie where they tend to go ..... or study of trout eating catfish let me know !

I have listened to many an angler over the years on their extensive knowledge of what they know of the fishing and the fishery and it reminds me a lot of this poem by Pam Ayers  titled  "They Should Have Asked My Husband "  

Click on the link to see what I mean  - 

15/01/2018 Update on smelt sent in thanks to Terry Sutton.  Terry writes:

Hi Guys, Following on your queries on smelt breeding. A few years back Eastern F&G had a PhD study on the subject of smelt in Rotoiti by a Judith Blair  ( now Dr Blair ), It was very comprehensive and she published a paper which was great reading - could be still available thru ERF&G. I always thought it was a pity that a later study in Taupo was not done with her assistance, Anyway Cheers Terry Sutton.  


bill grace 6 to 7lb catfish eater jan 2018.jpg

(Below) I went for a ride alongside the river yesterday evening to check out the river.  Even though the days have been really hot it has been nice to be out and about on my bike as it has been cool riding along the river. I didn't really encounter anyone else yesterday ( seems like most people are hibernating in their air conditioned houses these days ). 

(Below) This is looking downstream to a few anglers fishing the "Old Bridge Pool" at about 7:00pm last night. You can see the smokey heat haze looking across to Kuratau in this picture.

trout fishing new zealand 1 tongariro river 1301018.jpg

(Below) Looking down to the S.H.1 road bridge with the Bridge Fishing Lodge in the centre of the photo.

trout fishing new zealand 2 tongariro river 13012018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the Lookout to the Judges Pool. Notice the smokey looking cloud to the left of the slope of Mt Pihanga? This is where the Desert Road passes and it was pretty thundery looking. I heard the odd boom of thunder but the funny thing is we never seemed to get any here in Turangi. 

trout fishing new zealand 3 tongariro river 1302018.jpg

(Below) The farm to the back of the Hydro Pool looking towards the Desert Road. 

trout fishing new zealand 4 tongariro river 13012018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Island Pool "run".  The overhanging branch is almost the same shape as the mountain underneath it !

trout fishing new zealand 5 tongariro river 13012018.jpg

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