Wednesday 14th February 2018


Overcast, hot and humid yet again. Rain first thing this morning.  The Tongariro is coloured and flowing at 69 cumecs as of 9:00am. 

I think most people are getting sick of the overcast days and rain that we have been having !!! The good weather we got in November and December are now a thing of the past !! My suggestion is if you are in New Zealand and you get four weeks of sunshine ..... NEVER COMPLAIN !!!!  It could be another 6 months before you see any sun !!! NZ  ... "Land of the Long White Cloud" ???  Bollocks ..... more like  "Land of the soggy grey wet miserable grey rain cloud !!!" 

Mind you .... advantages are  .... fish like water .... fishermen like fish ..... so if you are prepared to ALTER the methods or locations you like to fish and change to the conditions you should still catch fish.  Also with these humid warm conditions we could be in for a good mushroom growing season. 

The pictures below are thanks to Jens who has had a soaking wet time that he has been here ... but he has plan A, plan B and also might even have to go to plan C.  Tough fishing conditions while he has been here but by altering what he has been doing ... and I might add here ( actually going to see what things are like and fishing ) he has actually done quite well.

Most anglers who have been in the store in the last week have reported some really great river mouth fishing but quite a few have commented on picking up quite a few spent fish.

(Below) The following photos and email were sent in this morning thanks to Jens Muller- Buckland .  Jens writes:

Rain surprised us on way upriver around 8pm with river showing a lot more colour  so decided to give Omori a shot…….
(We  eventually competed with 4 others)  
It GOT A BIT TIGHT after a while.
Landed one - a keeper

omori brown trout 1 jens 13022018.jpg

(Above) The Tongariro River at 8:00pm yesterday evening.

omori brown trout 2 jens 1022018.jpg


omori brown trout 3 jens 13022018.jpg


omori brown trout 4 jens 13022018.jpg

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