Monday 14th March 2016


Overcast start to the day today.  Light winds.  All rivers are fishable.  The days are noticeably shorter now and the temperatures have cooled off.  Some of the Maple trees in town have started to change colour.  Autumn is well on the way !!

Most river anglers would like to see some rain to possibly move some fresh fish up river.  Over the last four or five days I have seen some pictures of nice fresh rainbows caught in the river. Appears the nymphers are picking up mostly spent or small fish whereas the wetliners seem to be picking up the bigger and fresher fish. 

Odd reports of rising fish still too, so keep your eyes peeled on what they may be taking.  One angler reported Mayflies this morning, also still quite a few Passion Vine Hoppers around.  Might still pay to fish with a large stimulator pattern / cicada and dropper on a nice hot sunny day.

The pictures below are a little bit of delayed coverage.  Who needs waders !! This angler has been spotted on a few occasions fishing the Waitahanui Mouth wading in most cases up to their armpits.  Casting of the rod has been observed and then he puts the rod underwater to retrieve the line !!  A periscope rather than waders would most likely be an advantage !! Mind you, on a hot day it would most likely be worth fishing like this !!!

Before Christmas when it was really windy I drove through to Taupo only to go past the Waitahanui Mouth and see a guy surfing just off the mouth !!!  I should have got a photo !!!!  The whitecaps where crashing into shore and there he was riding the waves !




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