Tuesday 14th March 2017


Cloudy with some clear sunny patches and the sun shining here in Turangi today. A slight breeze. The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning. The Tongariro should be great to fish with either the nymph or wetline today.  The fish may have got a bit of a shake up with the 240 cumec flood over the weekend but an angler reported catching fish yesterday afternoon.  He said from lunchtime onwards it was really good. 

We still have the odd cicada chirping when the sun comes out but temperatures have cooled somewhat.  There are still a zillion passion vine hoppers / lace moths out there so the fish should still be picking up an easy meal on these. The next week is forecast for good weather and sunshine.  Keep your eyes peeled for rising fish as it will most likely be these that the fish will be taking. 

(Below) Here is an infestation of Lace Moths on the underside of one leaf of rhubarb at home.  Every leaf was like this !!! This gives you some idea of the numbers of these that will be around.

trout fishing new zealand 8 jared march 2017.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from last week.  This is myself and Swedish fishing mate Kjell. He has been coming to New Zealand nearly every summer for the last 27 years. How is that for dedication !!

trout fishing new zealand 5 jared march 2017.jpg

(Below) You can just make out Kjell opposite the cliff at the Cliff Pool. He's standing by a bush. I took this picture just up from the top of the Boulder Reach.

trout fishing new zealand 6 jared march 2017.jpg

(Below) We hooked a few fish that afternoon.  This one was a nicely coloured rainbow. 

trout fishing new zealand 7 jared march 2017.jpg

(Below) I also hooked this fish.  Interesting to note that it is missing the little bony piece on the top lip just under the eye.  This may have been pulled off two or three years ago when it was a juvenile in the river as a "subway fish" hooked most likely nymphing or on a dry dropper. 

trout fishing new zealand 4 jared march 2017.jpg

(Below) I was out and about the other day and spotted this wee beastie ... a water spider .... trout love them ... try a Russell's sparky spider dry fly imitation.

I wasn't keen to put my finger at the front end !

trout fishing new zealand 1 jared march 2017.jpg


trout fishing new zealand 2 jared march 2017.jpg

(Above) Can you see the trout in this photo ? If you look hard enough you will see it in the centre of the picture.

(Below) The same picture as above but with my polarized sun glass lense in front of the camera.  It really makes a difference doesn't it ?

trout fishing new zealand 3 jared march 2017.jpg

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