Wednesday 14th March 2018


Fine and sunny start to the morning this morning. Quite a gusty wind blowing.  The Tongariro still contains some colour but is highly fishable.

On the way through to the Whareroa Stream mouth fish the other day we called in to have a look at Lake Kuratau.  This is a great " wee " lake to fish .... much better if you have a small boat ... a 10 to 12 foot tinny is all you really need.  Care should be taken if you do have a boat as there are lots of old trees out in the middle of it from when the valley was flooded for the powerhouse.  If you go hooning along you may come to a very quick stop on hitting one of these.

(Below) This is the gate that leads down to the boat ramp.  Once again check your boat for weeds / algae to prevent these from spreading between waterways.

lake kuratau 1 taupo fishery fly fishing 12032018.jpg

(Below) The boat ramp at Lake Kuratau.

lake kuratau 11 taupo fishery fly fishing 12032018.jpg


lake kuratau 12 taupo fishery fly fishing 12032018.jpg

(Above) Some great angler decided it would be a good idea to gut their fish and throw the offal back into the water right beside the boat ramp! You can see the gills attached to the stomach in this picture above. If you check out the regulation on this old Taupo Fishing licence from the 1950's it states that you should really bury your offal.  Also if you bury the waste it helps stops predators like rats and stoats from feeding on it beside the waterways which in turn helps the Blue Ducks.

Another thing I do is gut the fish at home and put the offal in the compost.  The garden really appreciates this. 

If you are staying in rented accommodation or don't have a compost bin or garden, take the fish home and gut it.  Put the guts in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer before putting in the rubbish the day of the rubbish collection. 

old licence pollution 1956.jpg

(Below) A nice flat Lake Kuratau on Monday afternoon. There was only one boat fishing here on Monday.

lake kuratau 13 taupo fishery fly fishing 12032018.jpg



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