There's a brown on the edge


Good morning all, It's been a busy morning in the shop, changing lines, answering questions and selling flies. Absolute cracker of a day outside after a heavy but short and sharp down pour last night. Had a good number of anglers call in this morning, all looking for the magic formula and the key to the code. Which has given me an idea and a bit of a challenge for you all this morning and look forward to your answers.


We will call it the brown trout challenge and you can send me your answers/ideas to . So here we go.

Its Autumn and you are stalking the edge of the Tongariro up the Mill Race between Stag Pool and Cattle Rustlers. 5 metres ahead you spot a stunning looking brown trout, sitting in 3 feet of water, just to the side of an exposed boulder. Its a nice even flow and looks as if hes sitting in the food line, beautiful sunny day, no obstructions to your cast, you have one shot at this fish. Whats your game plan? How do you go about landing this fish? (Weight, Fly, Leader Length, Cast etc.) There's no right or wrong answer here. Just interested in your thought patterns and how you approach things. Look forward to your emails.


The Tongariro is still holding fish, I saw a few moving through the Bridge Pool last night when i went for a walk and saw a young fella land a nice looking 3 poundish rainbow hen just above the bridge, looked like he was running some heavy weight on his nymph setup and mending early. It was pretty to watch.


Jared is still away for the rest of the month, hopefully having a great time hunting the roar but in case you are missing him, Ive attached a photo of us hard at work in the shop.












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