Thursday 14th May 2015


The Tongariro looks to be a fishable level this morning and there is little wind however we are expecting more heavy rain later this afternoon.  This could raise the level once again. 

Now that the river levels are yo-yo-ing anglers are having to twiddle thumbs waiting for an opportunity to fish.  The Tongariro is usually the pick of the rivers to fish when there is a lot of rain as it usually settles quickly. The smaller rivers can take a few extra days to drop in volume.  Care should be taken when wading if the rivers contain colour as you may not be aware of the depth and a few anglers have reported to me over the last week of taking a dive. Most have reported that wearing their wading belt has potentially averted a more serious outcome.


(Above) This picture is Alister Moss and a 7.5lb brown trout that he caught yesterday. 

Alister writes:

Thanks Jared

Feel free to use the photo ..... I'd just thought that I spend plenty of time looking at your report from HK where I live, and so it was only fair to offer to contribute something back.....thanks for the report by the way - it's good reading each day.

Seem to be plenty of fish around after the rain on Tuesday...saw a lot of hook ups yesterday without needing to go far - 
Cheers Alister


(Above & Below) Our young shop assistant Wiri Ketu was out for a flick yesterday evening and caught these. The bottom rainbow looks a pretty good size.  Nice and silver too. Wiri writes:

Hey guys can't send the pics from last night but here are the fish that I caught tonight 




(Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Saturday out fishing the Waiotaka with my Japanese mate Hide. The Waiotaka River is a sweet little river to fish.  Although small it does take a bit of skill to fish it and to get to grips with the swift, swirly currents. 


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