Saturday 14th May 2016


I woke to find blue sky this morning and sunshine ! There are a few clouds about with the showery look but apart from that all good. The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning. The wind is gusty a bit at times but not too bad.  Looks to be coming from the West.

No report from the other rivers so far this morning but they should all be fishable. 

We now have a little surprise in store for you.  We have a resident fly tier who will be able to offer you some advice on tying flies and give you some demonstrations ... and tie those flies that you just can't get anywhere else !

Peter Carty has been a fishing guide for 30 years and has also tied flies for many of these years.


(Below) I received this photo and email yesterday thanks to Jason Bleibtreu. He looks to have been having a bit of fun over the last week wetlining the Tongariro. Jason writes:


The rain is paying dividends. A nice Fresh run rainbow caught  below the bridge while wet lining midmorning. I can't wait to get out again after lunch



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