Wednesday, 14th June 2017


The sun is out in Turangi today after a wild night last night !!! Just passing showers at times. Wind not too bad as of 9:00am. Expected to be gusty during the day. Wow, a few times in the night I thought the house was going to take off, however this morning doesn't seem too bad at this stage.

The Tongariro is fishable this morning flowing only at about 29 cumecs.  Snow fell in the catchments which will be a slow release of water into the rivers over the next few days as it melts.  Fish will have run with the pressure drop and temperature drop of the rivers.

(Below) Another good dumping of snow on Mt Umukarikari overnight.  The fish should respond to the pressure drop, cooler temperatures and the extra water will cause them to run.

snow on umukarkari 14062017.jpg

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