Thursday 14th June 2018


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is at a fishable 43 cumecs after yesterdays minor flood of about 110 cumecs. Ideal for both wetlining or nymphing today.  

Below is some information from the DOC fishery team about some roading upgrades this week.  


Hi chaps

Just a heads up in case you haven’t seen our FB post, the end of Grace road is getting a much needed tidy up over the next few days, might be hard for anglers to come and go between now and Friday. Should be completed by the weekend, including a tidy up of the road down to the Bain Pool.

Cheers Dave


(Below) I managed to get out for a flick on Tuesday.  I am a bit over the weather !!  This year has been pretty tough to find some decent fishable days for me.  Nearly every time I take time off there is either 50 knots of wind or the river floods or there is a public holiday!! My plan was to check out some of the pools in the upper river and then on Wednesday I was going to fish around town ... yeah right ... 110 cumecs and running a bit fast on Wednesday.   


tongariro river cliff pool 12062018.jpg


(Above) Looking downstream to the Cliff Pool. Not so many trees on the top of it now.  This cliff makes great viewing for all of the differnet volcanic eruptions.  It is like a layer cake.  The interesting thing is there are river boulders right on the bottom which indicates that there must have been a river here before the eruptions. There is some great looking pocket water to be found around here.


(Below) The Big Bend Pool. Some nice looking water here to fish from both sides.  It is amazing how many pine trees have been growing since all of the other ones have been poisoned.  The Willows are really taking off up here too. There was a massive black Shag working the water here, hence the spray painted rock in the foreground.


tongariro river 01 big bend 12062018.jpg


(Below) Looking upstream to the Boulder Pool. I guess it is named from the Big Boulder sitting in the middle of the channel. Some great looking water around here.  These places are a bit more exposed now that the trees have been cut down.  The wind whips through here a bit more now.  


tongariro river 01 boulder pool 12062018.jpg


tongariro river 02 boulder pool 12062018.jpg


(Above & Below) I picked up a few fish.  Mostly on the green caddis.  My glo bugs were ignored on Tuesday.


tongariro river 03 boulder pool 12062018.jpg


tongariro river 04 boulder pool 12062018.jpg


(Below) I liked the spot pattern on this rainbow. It is funny how they are completely round on the head and then funny shaped on its back.


tongariro river 05 boulder pool 12062018.jpg

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