Thursday 14th July 2016


1:40pm  The Tongariro has come up again and is unfishable. Wind is strong.

10:50am The wind has picked up but the sun is out :-)

Heavy rain overnight has brought the Tongariro up. As of 9:15am the river is coloured and running at 52cumecs. This may get higher over the next few hours. No wind at this stage but this is forecast to change to strong W.

No reports on the condition of the smaller rivers at this stage. 

(Below) Andrew headed out to get some pictures of the Tongariro River at about 10am this morning and spotted these two anglers fishing in the Major Jones. The water is a chocolate colour and as I have said in the past "too thick to drink and too thin to plough!". The River came up to about 54 cumecs and although coloured is at a fishable volume. Break out the wetline. Who said there were no rainbows in the Tongariro ? There is one to the right of the picture that can be easily spotted.

fly fishing tongariro major jones 14072016.jpg

(Below) Brown water may mean "brown trout".  After weeks of LOW, CLEAR conditions that people avoided fishing WAITING for rain .... we now have the opposite and many will NOT fish now due to TOO MUCH COLOUR. Remember when the river is low and clear it is ALWAYS fishable ;-)

fly fishing tongariro major jones dirty 14072016.jpg

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