Friday, 14th July 2017


Overcast.  Screaming, howling SE wind. Rain .... cold .... might be a stay home and tie fly day today.

Just had a report in from an angler this morning who has been fishing the Tauranga-Taupo river over the last few days and said the river was full of fish.  He also said he has encountered very few anglers.

A few anglers have recently mentioned catching some really good conditioned rainbow jacks.


storm 2 tongariro 14072017.jpg

(Above) The Tongariro looked nice and fishable today.  This is at 8:15am. The wind is howling but taking these photos it wasn't too bad down under the Major Jones Bridge. The Major Jones pool might be quite sheltered. Mind you I call this "Chicken Weather" for two reasons.  The first is that it is a bit FOUL ;-) and the second is most are too chicken to go out in it. My suggestion is sit by the fire and tie some flies while the weather is like it and go and fly them on a fine day.

(Below) The Major Jones bridge and a nice looking colour to the river today.

storm 1 tongariro 14072017.jpg

(Below) This is the teeny amount of snow we had on Mt Pihanga at lunchtime yesterday. Not setting any records in this quite severe Winter storm .... the snow did kind of get half way down the trees though.  Turangi always seems to miss the really bad weather.

storm 3 tongariro 13072017.jpg


bain 1 pool walk 12072017.jpg

(Above & Below) The next few photos are from the walk I did on Tuesday afternoon down the true left bank of the Tongariro River from the Swirl Pool downstream. The picture above is where the Bain Pool splits.  The Bain pool is to the right of the photo.  The channel to the left goes downriver and comes out just at the head of the Reed Pool.

(Below) A good stand of Poplars.

bain 2 pool walk 12072017.jpg

(Below) Just one angler fishing the head of the Reed Pool when I was down there on Tuesday. The bottom right hand corner of the photo is where the channel from the picture above comes out. Behind the vegetated knob to the right of the picture is the channel that leads up to the Log pool and the Bain Pool.

bain 3 pool walk 12072017.jpg

(Below) The middle of the Reed Pool.  A great pool for the "Senior" anglers to fish due to the nice flat gravel beach and the nice gentle gravel to stand and wade in.

bain 4 pool walk 12072017.jpg

(Below) Looking back upstream to the angler fishing the head of the Reed Pool. What I found was in the wind SE / S this was quite sheltered.

bain 6 pool walk 12072017.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream from the end of the walking track ... it is impassable from here down on this side ... unless you want to get lost in the willow and blackberries .... These anglers down here are fishing the Jones Pool area ... around the bend and a few hundred meters down you will come out where the Delatours Bend broke away (end of Grace Road). Some nice looking water down here. Once again I saw few anglers out and about and there are plenty of spots to target fish.

bain 5 pool walk 12072017.jpg




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