Friday 14th August 2015


The skies have become dark and overcast and rain looks like it is on the way.  No wind at this stage. It appears from the forecast that we could be in for quite a bit of rain once again. Keep an eye on the river flows but anglers have been treated to a decent amount of rain this year with a few getting out as soon as possible to get their flies wet. 

The wetliners have been having a bit of fun in these higher flows.  The last three or four years have been very dry in the middle of Winter which has suited the nymphers a lot better with the slime on the rocks and the copious amounts of nymph life that the river held, however with the extra volume to the river the wetliners are having a lot of fun swinging their flies.... the nymphers are still having plenty of fun too ;-)


(Above) Looking upstream to the Major Jones Pool in the distance from the Island Pool carpark at about 1:15pm this afternoon. Didn't see too many anglers ?? With the fishing the way it is supposed to be ... where are they ?


(Above & Below) I received these photos while I was at lunch thanks to local fishing guide Bryce Curle.  Bryce writes:

Hi guy's, here are a few more photos from this morning's guiding. Their first time with a fly rod in their hand and having a good time while visiting the Turangi area.





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