Monday 14th September 2015


The day has dawned bright and sunny with a nice light breeze.  Ideal for casting a fly or heading out on Lake Taupo.

Just a reminder that Lake Otamangakau opens in another couple of weeks (1st October).  Also remember that we are not out of the woods in terms of foul weather around this time and in the past I have experienced snow, sleet and hail on opening morning !!

Anglers are still reporting catching plenty of fish but a few look to be on the turn now in terms of condition after their spawning efforts ..... the bonus to this is that they are going to start looking upwards for the insects on the surface.  Still should have plenty more fish run the river over the months of Sep/Oct/Nov.

I received the following email thanks to Chris Beattie who fished here over the weekend. Chris writes:

Gidday Jared

Couple of pics from the weekend:

 Tawa Neilson with his first trout on the fly – hooked and lost another 5. 

 Some of windy Fridays fish from the Tongariro








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