Wednesday 14th September 2016


Overcast with light rain falling at times. No wind. All rivers are fishable. This rain should move some more fish up all of the rivers.  There should be some good runs coming through.  It has been fishing really good over the last week and should be even better as more rain falls. 

There have been some really nice fresh rainbows caught.  I am still getting quite a few smaller ones just on the legal size but in amongst those have been some crackers.  I have found the bigger ones don't tend to fight as good as the smaller ones though. I think the smaller ones have been attacking the naturals and it gives them a bit of a shock once they get hooked.

I have seen lots of Mayflies hatching over the last few times I have been out and about.  If we don't get any floods in the next month or so then the dry fly fishing could be extremely good over the Spring ( we always say this and then normally we get a flood!!!!!)


fly fishing taupo fresh run 2 rainbow jared 12092016.jpg

(Above & Below) I managed to get out for a flick on Monday evening. The last two times out I have lost heaps of fish.  They seem to have taken the flies but got off!!  Gets quite frustrating, however I did manage to get a few to stick !!  This was a nice silver fresh run rainbow I hooked in the Breakfast Pool. I saw that there were no anglers in there and ducked in to have a go.

fly fishing taupo fresh run 1 rainbow jared 12092016.jpg

(Below) I also landed this awesome Jack. He was a solid fish with plenty of fat on him.

fly fishing taupo fresh run 3 rainbow jared 12092016.jpg

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