Thursday 14th September 2017


Fine and sunny.  A good gusty W blowing hard. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. The Spring winds look to have turned up now which is a usual occurrence. This makes the casting a little difficult !

I managed to get out for a flick on the river yesterday. There were people in most of the popular spots so I decided to have a flick in some of the little pockets.  I quite enjoyed fishing these as it was like Summer fishing.  Changing my leader lengths and flies and fishing little pockets.  The good thing with this is no one else bothers to check these out. Also it was good to do some reconnaissance for the Summer looking water.  I also did a little bit of wetlining too. 

Half the fish took my bomb and the other half took a glo bug.  A mixture of fresh fish and some recovering fish.  Fresh fish should still keep coming up the river for the rest of the month.

I also saw a few Mayflies hatching in the afternoon. We are really close to evening rise fishing.

fly fishing tongariro river 1 spring 13092017.jpg

(Above) This fish took my bomb. Over the years quite a few fish have taken my bomb. I have heard of anglers squashing the hook up on their bombs to stop them from getting snagged but the issue with this is you wont catch a fish on it ! Using a bomb gives you a size difference to a fly and can also give you a colour difference. 

fly fishing tongariro river 2 spring 13092017.jpg

(Above) This fish took one of Peter Carty's specially tied expoy eggs.  It just smashed it !!

fly fishing tongariro river 3 spring 13092017.jpg

(Below) A smaller recovering fish.

fly fishing tongariro river 4 spring 13092017.jpg

(Below) This was a nice fresh fish.  It was a nice silver colour.

fly fishing tongariro river 5 spring 13092017.jpg

(Below) I had a bit of a wetline as well and managed to land this jack. There are a good mixture of jacks and hens in the river at the moment.

fly fishing tongariro river 6 spring 13092017.jpg

(Below) Another nice jack that I landed. I also lost a few fish that busted off as well. One fish I hooked was almost completely black in colour !

fly fishing tongariro river 7 spring 13092017.jpg

(Below) Another nice fresh hen.

fly fishing tongariro river 8 spring 13092017.jpg


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