Friday 14th September 2018


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi today. Cool blustery W / SW winds.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Yesterday saw a mixed bag of reports from anglers with some having an absolute ball and catching plenty of fish and others picking up the odd one or two here and there. 

Usual sunny / low / clear conditions problems exist for anglers. Suggest fishing more than just the likely spot of a pool. Cover more different types of water. Reduce the diameter of your nylon. Change flies and fly sizes.  Think about fly weight and leader lengths for where you are fishing. Getting the right drift of flies is essential if nymphing. 

The interesting thing is some of the newbies have been doing quite well while the seasoned anglers appear to be a little stumped. Possibly a case of it is hard to break old habits while the newer anglers have no pre-conceived ideas and are more open to suggestions of trying different things. 

Other anglers have been reporting being " smoked " by fish.

We look to have rain on the way next week which should make it easier for the anglers who are stuck in a rut. 

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