Wednesday 14th October 2015


An overcast day today with what appears to have been some light rain overnight. The vegetation is just starting to take off now and the Willows nearly have all of their new leaves out on them. A change of season is upon us.  Knowing what the seasons bring is a key part of fishing.  I had an angler in the shop yesterday sounding disappointed that all he was catching was spent fish. Expect this at this time of the year. This is what happens and has always happened.  Usually out of about 10 fish you land 1 will be a keeper. Knowing this prevents the build-up of an expectation that is not met.  The positive amongst us will know this and know that the spawned fish are now in their feeding mode and will be the ones that will provide "excellent fishing" on the dry fly as they are feeding to regain condition. To be honest a spent fish caught swinging a caddis dry fly or caught rising to a Mayfly far outweighs a sluggish fat spawning fish.  They kind of get a fright at being caught and will give you a good run for your money. As the season goes on and these fish become stronger and gain more condition they should put up a great fight once the cicadas turn up. You don't really want any floods to knock these back to Lake Taupo if you want to dry fly fish.  It is good when there are large numbers in the river.

(Below) This photo and email is thanks Marion Hall. Marion writes:

Hi Graham

Firstly, many thanks for your kind and generous sponsorship for the kids fishing weekend. It went very well and all kids happy with their winnings. 

Dydymo Dave was a huge hit with the kids and he totally had them captivated. The very next morning they were on the bikes and down to the Hydro Carpark and back with 4 plastic bags full of rubbish plus some car parts for Dave to sell to a scrap metal merchant???

I have attached a pic of the kids with their collection. You might like to put it on your web  page.

TALTAC  kids fishing weekend. Guest Speaker was David Cade( Dydymo Dave). He was entertaining and funny which kept the kids captivated and interested in what he is doing around the region .  The very next morning they were out and gathering up rubbish around the Hydro car-park. Sporting Life, Creel, Hunting and Fishing , Smith Creek and Brian Odlin very kindly donated goods and all participants went home with something. 





(Above) I landed this rather spotty rainbow on Tuesday in the Tauranga-Taupo river. It had quite an amazing pattern of spots. If you look closely the ones on the head are almost perfectly round and look very much like a brown trouts spots but the ones on its back are odd shapes.

(Below) Even though the Tauranga-Taupo river was gin clear looking from above, I got this picture under water showing how "un-clear and murky" the water was under the surface. The fish could obviously see really well as when the leader and flies went through them, they parted from their station swam around in circles and took up station again. 


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